Kim and Bev and us

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Kim and Bev and us

So we were sitting around, Kim and I, with Roger and Bev, not really drunk, but sun soaked and mellow. The talk had become quite liberal, as had the subject matter. Roger suggested we find the raunchiest porn flick we could and watch it that night, the last night we had before flying home the next day. The girls were topless, as were most girls on this beach, but after a week none of us were really tired of the novelty, and that might be what led to the easy mood. When Bev had first doffed a few days ago, I had strained my eyes trying to ogle her from my peripheral vision, and I'm sure Roger did the same. The girls knew it, and enjoyed teasing us, and just half an hour ago Kim had leaned over Roger with a drink for him and when she had put it safely down, he had pulled her down to him so her breasts were pressed to his face. So the mood was set.

”What do you want porn for? You have all the porn you need in your mind” Bev chided Roger.”When have you ever needed dirty pictures to fuck me?”
”Ah, yes, my love,” Roger crooned, ” but perhaps in this case it isn't you I am hoping to fuck.”
That took a bit of digesting, and a silence draped around us.
”Are you saying you hope to fuck me?” Kim asked,” ”Maybe I better cover up”
”Don't do that. I'm not the only guy on this beach liking what he sees, you know. Besides, that would tell me you are afraid I might succeed if you don't hide, and I will pursue full hd xvideo download all the harder.” Roger was getting into his theme now. ”Without saying you actually want to, you would be saying you can see the eventuality. That's a very promising start, from my point of view. How about you, Verno? Would you like to fuck Bev?”

”It's a novel idea,” I said, a bit startled by the speed it had come up, ”I have to admit I have looked at Bev's little bod with that idea in my head. WE would fit well together.”
”So already we have a fifty percent consensus,” Roger mused, making steeples with his hands,
”You perverts can't be serious,” Bev broke in, looking back and forth between us, ”Oh shit, you are serious, aren't you?”
”Not at all, my pet. Anything poked at you would only be in fun and should not be taken seriously. Look at it from this light. Imagine Verno's hard-on entering you. The misgivings you might feel would not likely register above ,say, 4 on a scale of 10, while the pleasure felt would certainly exceed 7 or 8"
”Whoa now, Bucko,” Broke in Kim, ”I might have some misgivings as well about this.”
”But consider, my sexy little future plaything. You know very well how nice Verno's cock feels. Would you deny your very /friend/good-friend/">good friend Bev the same joy of life? Knowing what a sex pot Bev is, do you doubt that I could make you at least giggle?

”If I may enter the fray,” I ventured, adopting Roger's stilted tones, ”It might help ease tensions if we concede that no one will fuck anyone unless all four are in agreement. It follows, therefore, that if we fuck, as Roger and I agree we want to, we will all have a wonderful time. If we don't, at least half of us will regret it.”
”It's plain, Verno, that we have the girls” happiness at heart far more than they have ours. No martyr ever felt more pain at the stake than the pain I feel of not cumming in Kimmie's hot, juicy cunt.. I would even be willing to let her go on top.”
”You bugger,” From Bev, sounding more bantering than chastising , ”How do you know Kim's pussy is hot and juicy?”
”Simple deduction, love. My friend Verno, the Lothario of all things illicit, would not put up with a cunt that isn't hot and juicy, as indeed, I would not. It follows, therefore, that it is, just as yours is.”
I feigned salivation. ”Oh dear. Thinking of Bev as hot and juicy now makes her an essential service. I must have her.”
”Don't you want me hot and juicy?” Blurted Kim, ”Why do you think you have to have Bev?” There was no real agitation in her voice, much as she tried to make it sound like it.
”I do want you hot and juicy. I want you just steaming. I often brag to Roger how sexy you are, and I know you will make me proud. Don't you ever brag to Bev about me?”
”You know, Kimmie, he's got us on that one little point. You do brag to me, don't you?” Bev held Kim's eyes until Kim had to nod and look down. Her arms went around her tummy and cradled under her breasts, like she was going to hide them from Roger's frank gaze, then she realized what she was doing and released them for the world.
”/bitch/">bitch, whose side are you on?
” Despair not, munchkin, ”consoled Roger, ”When you are full of my cock and the joy it
brings, you will thank Bev.”

Bev broke in before he could say how Kim would thank her,”Now, settle down, I said Kim bragged. I didn't say I wanted Verno.”
I mused, ”But still, Bev, do you doubt that what Kim says about me is true?”
”So what if it is?”
”If it is true, don't you owe it to yourself and your lifelong quest of all that is beautiful to embrace it?”
Kim had moved to sit beside Bev, sort of a circle the wagon move. The girls exchanged quick glances that suggested to me they were seeking support from each other and therefor were both unsure where this might take them as individuals. Time perhaps to divide and conquer.

”I feel you are being obdurate in your defence of Kim's virtue, and that is just too much of a sacrifice to make, especially as I know her to be as randy as I am.” I leaned forward to stroke Bev's knee.
”I'm not randy!” the retort from Kim was too quick. Things she was sure of generally took more time to say.
”You can go from zero to fuck me in three seconds flat and you know it.”
This time she giggled and made no reply.
”Furthermore, I will bet my aisle seat that a kiss from Roger right now would have you begging him for more.”
Kim thought a moment. ”You”re on.”

Roger quickly went to her, pulled to her /feet/">feet and took her in his arms. There was a momentary glitch as she realized her tits were now pressing into him, then she shrugged and lifted her lips to be kissed. Roger did a masterful job. When Kim decided the kiss had been satisfactorily long, she found her head captive, and I was right about one thing with Kim. She loved kissing. She considered it one of the most intimate things two people could do and she was good at it, so as the kiss went on, I was not surprised to see her body sinking into Roger and her mouth open to receive his tongue. I smiled a knowing smile at Bev and raised my eyebrows in triumph. The next move might prove pivotal.

I moved quickly to her , drew her upright, and claimed her lips. She didn't fight, being too fascinated by what the other two were doing. When Kim was allowed her freedom, it was to see Bev and I kissing, my hand just reaching her breast. It just slid over it, and never stopped, so poor Bev had no chance to brush it away before it was on her bum, but that was OK. I often patted her bum. Roger had seen the move, and in the stunned aftershock, kissed Kim again, this time even deeper and after a moment, when she was again tangling tongues with him, he ventured to fondle Kim's breast. Finding no resistance, he began teasing her nipple, and this is what Bev saw when next she came up for air.

Roger was a bit hoarse with excitement, ”You know, we really should go to our room, don't you think? We might attract a bit of a crowd having an /orgy/">orgy here.”
”Besides,” said Bev,”You could get a cold shower in the room.”
Roger seemed not to hear. He had led Kim away up the path. Kim had draped a towel over her shoulders because only this section of the beach was topless. I did the same for Bev as we followed. They stopped to let us catch up, and Roger used the time to steal another kiss and feel of Kim's breasts before again taking the lead from us. Kim showed no opposition to the liberty, and I gave Bev what I hoped was a meaningful look.

”I see the vote is now three to one, soon to be unanimous .” I whispered, running my hand up and down Bev's bare back. ”I won't press you further till we get safely under cover, but use your time to think of how good you”re going to feel to me. You”re too good a person to deny me that experience.”
Bev didn't answer. She did move to stick he tongue out impudently at me, then wiggled her /sweet/">sweet bum as she led the way on. She had to stop to let an old lady by, and I used the pause to come up behind, pass both hands under her towel and cup her breasts from behind. She started, but could not say or do much without attracting the attention of the old dear, who cooperated by taking her time shuffling out of the way. When the way was clear, Bev took an extra moment to move on, actually leaning back into me gently.
”If Kim is faking with Roger, I'm going to look awful dumb,” she murmured over her shoulder.

The others were in the room with the door left open for us. Roger had not proceeded past the kissing and hugging stage with Kimmie, and Kim seemed waiting only for a sign from Bev which way to proceed. I free porn movies download swept the towel off Bev and again circled her from behind and cradled her breasts. Then I dropped one hand down her tummy to just above her bikini line. Roger turned Kim to face us and did the same to her. Kim met Bev's gaze, the two seeming to dare each other to let it go further, or dare to cool it off. As my hand slid under her waistband, Bev watched her husband's hand slide under Kim's, and both pussies were claimed in a dead heat.

”I didn't like giving up without more of a fight,” said Kim, ”But Bev, He is a nice kisser, and I do get randy.”
”No sweat, kid,” Bev grinned, ”The guys are right, anyway, and it was just a matter of time. Can I watch when its time for Roger to poke it to you?”