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Pure Sex Sex

As i walk in through the door from work i hear the phone ringing and i run to pick it up. It's my friend /lover Jack. "Hey honey, any chance i can come over right now." "Ok" I said "just give me half an hour." After we put the phone down i ran into the bath room and started undressing. I looked at myself in the mirror. I am 5'6 and have a curvaceous body, the best feature of my body are my breasts they are full and beautiful and natural,no implants for me. I grinned at my reflection and ran my fingers lightly over my nipples and felt the warmth in my pussy. I knew tonight i would be getting some. 
I finished my bath and rubbed scented oil into my skin. I was wearing a white sheer robe. The door bell rang and I went to open it.

There stood Jack with a grin on his face. "Come in honey"I said. He came inside and closed the door. He immediately picked me up and pressed his bulging penis against my pussy and started kissing me. He walked with me and pressed me against the wall. I was so desperate, i pressed into him and kissed back. My mouth opened and his tongue was licking and sucking my tongue,he lightly bit my lips and sucked them. He pulled his face back and looked at me. "You woman, you want this badly dont you? Tell me how much and how badly you want me! His hands were rubbing my ass cheeks and the bulge of his crotch was pressed against my now dripping pussy. He pressed harder and said "TELL ME!!" I moaned and said yes i want your big 9 inch cock inside me i want you to fuck me, i want you desperately. "Good, now that you real forced anal against her will have said so i can carry on."

HE walked with me into my bed room and put me down, removed my robe and stared at my clean shaved pussy. "Yess, my little slut shaved for me." He removed his clothes and we fell backwards onto the bed. He was licking my neck and rubbing his hands all over me. The head of his was rubbing against my clit,i felt like i would cum just from the friction. He caught my breast with his hand and squeezed it and rubbed it until the nipple was hard, he then licked all around the areola withou touching the nipple,he sucked and licked the under side of my breasts, i was moaning and grinding my pussy upwards onto his "suck my nipples pleeease dammit" he flicked his tongue over the nipple and lowered his head and xnxxv sunny leone video sucked like mad. He licked and flicked his tongue over and over. I pushed upwards and got ontop of him. i slid downwards and started sucking his cock. I created a vacume with my mouth and pulled up wards. "ah what a good little cock -sucker you are.

Suck it baby, lick it with your tongue." he lifted me and put my pussy over his face, he rammed his tongue into me and i just came all over his face. "come here and lick your juice from my face." I went and started licking just his lips and slowly the sides of his mouth and then his face, mmmm my cum tasted delicious.i got up and spread my pussy lips and placed it right on his open mouth. "Suck me" i said.

He caught my clit in his mouth and sucked like he was nursing on a nipple, while doing that his tongue was roaming my pussy and llicking and sucking. 

Finally when i had enough i lifted my pussy from his mouth and slid onto his . The sensation of him sliding into me was amazing. I wanted more i moved up and down, up and down he was pinching my nipples and my clit was rubbing against his cock. I screamed and came so hard my juices spewing everywhere. He lifted me and put me down on the bed and started ramming his cock inside me. "HARDER oOOOOOOoooooooohhhhhh please harder. "i said. And he came his cum filling my pussy. He was still inside me and he looked at me and said "that was amazing darling. What if you and i take a little together? I have a friend who id love to share you with." "Ok when do we go?"i said. "How about next week-end? My uncle has a house in the middle of nowhere, we can use it no-body will be there." he said. "so just how many friends are you going to call?"i asked. "Let it be a darling" he said. "i know your a little slut and will fuck what ever you can" I just laughed and tightened my pussy muscles He became hard all over again and started fucking me slowly this time, he pulled his dick all the way out and slammed it all the way in we both came really fast again.

The next morning i was already looking forward to our 'little trip'!
Let you know about our Vacation later!