Making Love

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Making Love

?"Dave? Im Ronnie and Im really lonely," Veronica cooed sweetly into the portable phone. Dave,her latest boyfriend,was on the other line."Ron dear,why dont I come over?"he suggested."Sure,thats great!But Im taking a soak in the tub now,come in yourself later!"Veronica replied."Ok,Ill take a shower first.See you."Dave agreed.Dave put down the phone.As he showered,he thought about his conversation with Veronica earlier on."Im taking a soak in the tub now,"she had said.Dave imagined himself joining Veronica in the tub,naked,and then rubbing soap all over her,especially onto her soft,naturally full breasts,then letting his fingers into her clean,shaven vagina...Wait a second.The truth was that Dave had never seen Veronicas vagina before."I wonder what it would look like,"Dave muttered to himself as he dried himself off.
Meanwhile,Veronica was drying herself off,too.She put on her usual undergarments,which were very revealing indeed.It was a pale pink g-string set.Then,she put on a very slinky silk bathrobe.Dave walked across the empty street to Veronicas terrace.He knew that Veronica had been born in California,LA,and is now living alone."But what will happen?What if I cant stand it and,and...?"he asked himself."That wont happen.I wont let it."Then he pressed the doorbell for several times.No one answered.He remembered Ronnies words."Come in yourself later."was what she had said.So,Dave walked through the small garden filled with fragrant flowers,past the peanut-shaped swimming pool,and into the house.When he got in,Veronica was on the leather sofa, sipping grape wine.
Dave was turned on immediately as he saw Veronica.She was all stretched out,her generous cleavage was showing and one of her creamy thighs were revealed,where the robe has fell off.Dave felt his penis hardening and filling up."I need the toilet,"he said,hurrying off.In the toilet,Dave let out a large amount of white stuff.Then he washed it off,careful not to leave a clue behind.Veronica and him was then snuggling together,watching television."God,is it hot,"Veronica complained,"Let me take this off."She slithered in front of the television set,then peeled her bathrobe off.Now in her barely covering undies only,Veronica looked really appealing."Thats better,"she sighed,then sat down onto Daves lap,her soft bottom rubbing against Daves swollen cock.Then Veronica turned,pushing her cleavage into Daves face."Im bored,"she said,then turned off the television.She picked up her wine,dipped a finger in,and allowed the heavy drops of wine drop in.
"Thats enough of teasing,"Dave said,catching her arm.The wine spilled onto her body.Now her nipples are clearing xxx visible.Dave could not stand it any longer.He pushed her on to the floor,laid on her,and started to french-kiss her.One of his hand,was on her long,silky golden hair.Another was groping around her voluptuous figure.He stopped for a second."All many men can have such a hour-glass figure like yours?"he asked.Then he continued.He slipped off her bra,and her ample breasts sprang out,like puppy dogs just asking to be stroked.He squeezed porn videos download her breasts while his tounge ran around her nipples.That aroused Veronica."I gonna let go!"she warned.
Dave slipped her thin panties down.Lo and behold,the most beautifully shaven vagina laid in front of him.He placed his mouth onto it,letting its fresh,sugary juice flow into his mouth."I suppose yourea virgin,"Dave said.Veronica nodded.He told Veronica that he was expierenced,then told her to suck his penis.Dave unzipped his pants,and his /penis/big-penis/">big penis jumped out.Veronica sarted to eat it at the rim,then soon,the whole penis was in her mouth."Now its my turn!"Dave let out his own juices,which Veronica lapped up.As Veronica licked her lips for excess juices,she complimented that Daves juices was like honey."You were pretty good for a amateur.You deserve a full mark!"Dave returned her compliment.Then,he said shell never pass this time.
Dave placed her in doggy style,then struck his penis into her /tight/tight-vagina/">tight vagina,like a hammer into a nail.At first,Veronica cried in pain.But gradually,she was crying in pleasure."Now,do it in my /asshole/">asshole!Or it wont be equal!"she cried.Dave did as she said.Soon the two of them were panting.They ended the sex session with a making out session,then Dave went home after Veronica had fell asleep peacefully on the sofa,naked.
Thats the end of the story!Hope you enjoyed it!