Trannys Feminize Dandy Boy

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Trannys Feminize Dandy Boy

"Yea I thought the singing was OK but I don't really
go for that style too much"

"And the girls?" Brian prompted me.

"Oh come on Brian leave him alone we all know he's not
really interested in girls."

"Give him a chance, people can change! Perhaps Carl's
developing an eye for them now eh Carl?? I mean they
weren't /bad/">bad looking. So, apart from their style what
did you think of them?"

I was together with Mike and Bryan and a number
amongst many of my old school friends. The local pub
had got in this group of country style singers.

I think in sexual relations it is sometimes hard to
define the difference between consent and coercion.
The reader will have no doubt that in the events which
follow I was not always in full consent to what was
happening, but I say this most passionately; if I had
not been pushed that evening I may never have
discovered my true self, sexuality and gender. It was
the turning point of my life. I now know my body
needed what was done to me even if I didn't realise it
at the time.

So back to the events that evening. 
I had development a knack of turning their teasing
about my effeminate physique into light hearted banter
but they never got tired of it and that evening they
had pestered me to go out with them although I had
planned to stay home.

"I sort of ’. Yea they were OK." I replied then trying
to be more forthcoming I added "They almost seemed a
bit masculine somehow!"

"'Takes one to spot one' that's what they say!"
interrupted Jamie who had been facing the other way
sipping his beer.

"What do you mean" I protested. "I'm not a girl! OK I
don't have big muscles and hulking great shoulders
like you but surely I'm still male!"

Jamie leant over towards me and said in a low voice.
"And so are they!!"

"Jamie that beer's going to your head!" said Bryan.
"I'd fuck that lot any time, even the /fat/">fat one!"

"Well you'd be fucking ass-holes and not cunts cos
they've all got cocks." 
"No I'm telling you it's true! A mate of mine dated
one a couple of months back and got a hell of a

"Well whatever the case I'm not female or she-male." I
said half hoping to prolong this line of conversation.

"Aren't you now? But you might milf porn videos get fucked like one!"
said Jamie looking me squarely in the eye.

In all the years none of them had ever done or even
suggested anything like that to me. The 'in' rule at
school was homophobic so no one wanted to be seen as
gay. I had felt that many of them would like to have
fucked me but were terrified of being discovered. I
liked being teased about my looks and my body as it
made me feel good but this time I had gone very red in
the face and I noticed the others were all looking at
me intently. I found myself getting thrilled by what
Jamie had said. Then I began to wonder if he had
really said it. So when the conversation veered away I
felt disappointed. 

"So who's going to prove it?" said Mike to Jamie amid
a lot of laughter.

"I don't believe it. If that was true it would be
common knowledge" said Bryan.

"Better follow them when they go to the toilets!"
suggested Nick, who had just joined our circle.

"If you'd been reading your tabloids mate, you'd know
there's been a hell of a lot of speculation about
them. They say they're all feminist fanatics too.
Nobody had heard of them a couple of months ago and
this has helped them get publicity."

"Yea well that's what it is then, just a publicity
rumour. Till they get found out."

"Now's the time then! They're staying up at the Guest
House. Who's going to play detective?"

I had kept very quiet since my earlier protests. But I
leapt at this challenge perhaps because of a
desperation to draw attention to myself. So was
already thinking hard about how to get in there and
take some pics. I could prove myself to the others.
The more I thought about it the more I was gripped
with the idea.

It was a wet night so I had the added cover of a
raincoat. My digital camera was safely in my pocket. I
thought how fantastic it would be to get a good full
frontal shot of one of them. 

The first stage was to get into the guest house
un-noticed. I had been there before and I knew the
interior roughly. I also knew that they did not have
en-suite facilities in every room so I guessed some of
them would have to make use of the communal bathroom.

I had made an excuse and slipped away blowjob porn videos from the pub
early so I knew I had a little time before the group
got back to their rooms. I was ready with excuses as
to why I was there but fortunately there seemed to be
no-one around. I went up the stairs with a feeling of
gathering excitement and wary of any sounds around me.

I was half way up when suddenly a door opened in the
corridor below. It was out of sight so I hurried on 
up and across the landing to what I thought was the

I was right but it was smaller than I expected. Where
was I going to hide? There was no easy cupboard. There
were only shelves and I didn't fancy trying to conceal
myself on one in amongst the towels. What if she went
to choose a new towel?! 

Then I noticed an extra curtain next to the shower. It
covered a little recess which housed some cleaning
materials. I went in, pulled the curtain across and
realised that my feet and ankles were still easily
visible below the curtain so I stood on a plastic
bucket. Luckily I am quite light!

About half an hour later I heard voices at first far
away downstairs then getting nearer. They were
laughing and giggling and sounded quite drunk. Soon
their voices were very plain and near.

"Hey what did you tell them? How long have we got.
Shit I've got to get showered before they get here"

"Don't worry Suzy they'll fuck you anyway!" More
shrieks and laughter.

Suddenly the door burst open. I froze as I stood on
the bucket, but I could just see through a crack in
the curtains. My heart was pounding. This was Mandy, a
/girl/big-girl/">big girl, I recognised as the lead singer. In a second
she flung off all her clothes in a heap on the floor
and I could see her large brown body from behind. She
had big female buttocks but then she turned to reveal
a pair of large firm breasts then I almost gasped. I
had caught sight of her cock. It was huge and
massively erect! She must have been excited after the
conversation on the stairs.

As well as trying to keep still I had to control my
emotions which were in turmoil. Her large body was
very big and somehow intimidating. Her brown shoulders
were so close to me now I could see every pore of her
shiny brown skin. I felt really /scared/">scared, she was twice
my size and had a very determined air about her; not
that manly feeling I had back at the pub, this time I
stood there petrified and almost afraid to breath.

Presently she stepped into the shower cubicle right
next to me and I got another good look at her cock and
balls just before she drew the curtain. I remember
thinking how big they were. But then I had not had
much chance to see many erect penises apart from my
own and this one was over twice my size!

Then a new fear gripped me. What if I was so scared
about moving that she left before I got a shot of her?
That would be a disaster! So I got my camera all ready
while there was plenty of noise coming from the

She soon finished and the curtain was flung back as
she threw out a long bare arm to grab a towel. I had
to be very quick. My heart was thumping so hard I was
afraid she would hear it.

I was just trying to work out which way she would turn
and where to hold the camera when suddenly there she
was facing me presenting a perfect full frontal view
of the most fantastic set of male genitals you could
imagine on a smooth curvaceous female body. She was
too near to get a good shot of all of her but I
managed to point the camera through a crack in the
curtain at about the height of her genitals and
carefully pressed the trigger.

The camera flashed! I had forgotten to turn it off.
She screamed and came straight at me where I was
standing. My only thought was to try to get away. I
made a dash for the door but she had grabbed my
clothing and was shouting abuse at me.

"You fucking filthy rotten bastard!! Come on hand it
over!" She had hold of my camera now and my wrist with
her other hand. This girl was strong and making a hell
of a commotion.

Soon there were people outside hammering on the door
and for some reason I pushed back the catch so it
opened. I think in my panic I thought they might help
me but it was the rest of them.

"He hid and tried to photo me! The fucking swine!
You're going pay for this you bastard! No one treats
us like that and gets away with it! Get him in the
room girls!"

Mandy and the other six transsexual girls were all
over me now and I had no hope of getting away. I was
bungled into one of the bedrooms and flung me on a

Mandy had a wild expression on her face and flashing
eyes. The excitement had caused her cock to soften a
little but it still /hung/">hung like a thick piece of hose. 

"Right first things first; get that film out of the

"What do mean you can't open it you dunce!" She
shouted to Suzy who was trying desperately to do as
she was told.

"It's a digital one, you have to delete it" I said
trying to be helpful.

"You fucking shut your mouth or I'll stuff it full.
Yea delete it Suzy! Oh give it here then and I'll do

But Mandy was no more technically minded herself.

"If just give it me I'll delete it for you" I said.

"You fucking men you always know best. But you didn't
remember to turn off the flash! No you forgot that you
plonker!" Did I detect her manner cooling off a
little? I deleted the pic and showed her it was gone.

"It wasn't much good anyway it was out of focus" I

"Well where're going to get a good close look at you
and in sharp focus! Come on girls. Off with his

Two of them pulled off my jeans and pants together as
the others crowded to get a good look at me. I felt
cool air about my privates and my bare bum. 

"Not much of a man are you? No wonder you couldn't get
away from me.
Your muscles are puny and your cock's ’ well ..
pathetic!!" They were all laughing now and Mandy was
enjoying her moment of triumph.

"Turn him over, lets have a look at his ass."

"Wow!! now that's quite something. Nice big and
smooth, I like it." she said running her hand over my
buttocks. "You're nearly one of us you know! All you
need is a bit of a helping hand"

There were several hands now all feeling my buttocks
but Mandy was already exploring my crack. I felt her
finger on my anus.

"Hey you're all creamy here! Here! feel this he's all
creamy!!" I felt several fingers exploring my ass-hole
now and some were pushing their fingers up inside. 

It was just something I always did after showering. It
made me feel good with the lads when I knew my hole
was lubed. 

Mandy's cock was hard again and the other were pulling
their pants down. They all had stiff dicks and some
looked really long.

"Perhaps the guys have fucked him. He's definitely

"Hey what have you been up to? You go into a girl's
bathroom with a lubed ass-hole!"

"It smells like baby oil. I reckon he's ready for it"
said a big blond girl.
Mandy put her face close to mine and looked me
straight in the eyes. "Do you know what we're going to
do to you?" she said. 

"We're going to fuck you up your bottom!" 

"Aren't we girls?!"

"Yeeeaaahhh!!" they all screamed.

It was a bizarre situation. I was surrounded by seven
big full breasted she-males all with erect cocks much
bigger than mine.

As I lay on the bed on my stomach I felt Mandy's naked
body coming down on top of me from behind They had
stripped me completely nude by now and all I could do
was to lie there and wait for what ever was coming.

It didn't take long! I felt Mandy's big firm cock
probing my asshole. I tried to resist by squeezing my
buns together and concentrated on keeping my anus
tight. But I couldn't hold out. I felt my sphincter
yielding as she plunged her long she-male prick into
me. I felt this presence welling up inside me as her
drove her rigid dick right up my rectum. 

The others were all standing around watching in a
circle and sporting massive erections. They could see
every detail as Mandy thrust her thick shining shaft
in and out of my bum hole. Her whole body was bounding
my ass and her long hair thrashing over my face as her
thrust into me more and more vigorously with her whole
body. I felt almost crushed by her weight and
completely powerless to resist.

Then she started squealing out with joy and excitement
as she got near to climax. All the others were
squealing too as she suddenly shot her cum load
straight up me. I felt her hot ejaculations squirting
up my ass-hole as she pumped her cum up my bum.