Our Coed Roomer

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Our Coed Roomer

As a college professor with an agreeable wife several years ago we began opening our home to college students. It soon became clear to me that female students were preferable to males. I was also surprised to see that my wife preferred the girls. Soon my wife Barbara was mothering the various girls as they paraded through our lives. After a while I noticed that Barbara was more than motherly. One morning I saw Barbara smelling one of the girl's panties in a very curious way. That little fact I just stored away for further use.

In the fall of 1999 the college sent a new coed to replace the departing one. Sunny was a cute blond who dressed and acted very conservatively. She never worn sexy clothes or for that matter anything of a provocative nature. Although, I did hear her say fuck once during a telephone conversation, I was sure butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth.

Sunny, however did have a boyfriend of several years named Mason and she asked if he could visit her in our house. Now they way our bi-level home is arranged Sunny lived on the bottom floor and we lived above. There were two kitchens, one upstairs and one downstairs. Thus both floors were complete unto themselves and Sunny’s visitor would be of no nuisance to us.

However, my computer room was downstairs and I could see Sunny coming and going. Being an avid Internet pornography fan there were times when Sunny looked over my shoulder and saw some rather explicit fuck pictures. She basically giggled and went on her way I’m sure thinking that was a dirty old man, which I am.

Although, we never encouraged our former roomers to entertain visitors, we felt Sunny was different and thus Mason began to come around. He visited perhaps once a week in the beginning but the visits became more frequent as time went by. On one occasion when we left for a weekend with the kids in Chicago, upon arriving home on Sunday, Mason was just leaving. It was apparent that Sunny and Mason who lived with his parents were using Sunny’s bed as fuck station number one.

Actually I enjoyed the routine and finally Sunny asked if I minded if Mason stayed overnight once in a while. Barbara and I talked it over and agreed it would be interesting. We are both natural born voyeurs and so the fun began.

One evening when Mason arrived I was at my computer with a raging hard-on watching some of my favorite streaming fuck sites. Sunny and Mason silently slipped into her room. I figured that he must be very horny being he didn’t even bother to say hello.

Although, they were very quiet I soon could hear above Sunny’s TV and a little giggling in the background. Soon there was a sigh from Mason and what seemed to be a gurgle from Sunny. Things must have got out of control then. They were trying to be quiet but the bed revealed what they were doing.

After about a half hour Mason came out and speedily went past me to the bathroom. I could see that his face was red and he looked as though his hair was out of place. In a few minutes he returned old waman xxxgx to the bedroom and Sunny took a trip to the bathroom and ran water for a shower.

When I told Barbara about the incident and she said it would have been fun to see what they were up to. ’Barbara, you know I could secretly film them with my new Sony Digital Camcorder and we could get a pretty good idea of what they’re up to.’

’Oh, Dick, you’ll get caught. You know I caught you when you were filming our lovemaking. I was pissed at first but later I loved it!’ Exclaimed Barbara.

’I’ve become more sophisticated now, Sunny. Give me a chance and maybe we can have some real fun.’

’Well go ahead if you must but be careful!’ She warned.

Next to Sunny’s bedroom was the hall closet that led to a crawlspace under the house. When Sunny was out I installed my camera so that I had a perfect view of Sunny’s bed. I then used a remote switch in order to film the proceedings realizing that the film only lasted 1 hour and then the camera would shut down.

It was frustrating waiting for Mason’s next visit. Sunny and he had had a little tiff and his was in exile for a while. Then one evening as I was sitting at the computer Sunny had a call from Mason. They made up on the telephone and he was coming to visit that very evening.

Needless to say when Mason arrived I made myself scarce and went upstairs to watch TV with Barbara. We sat there like two bad little kids who had played a trick on someone. When I looked at Barbara she winked at me spread her legs and showed me her /hairy/hairy-pussy/">hairy pussy. She was obviously excited by the prospect of seeing our /movies/new-movie/">new movie production.

Barbara ran into the bedroom with me in pursuit we were so excited by what was happening below us. I hardly had my pants off before Barbara had my dick in her mouth. She loves to suck my cock into her mouth while it is still soft and feel it get hard. Like always Barbara was licking my cock inside her mouth and sucking at the same time. She has no trouble deep throating me ever since she saw it demonstrated at a party we attended.

The entire length of my dick went into Barbara’s mouth and down her throat. I could hear the pop as it turned the corner. My job was plain to see. Barbara’s hips were pumping her pussy towards me for a good sucking of its own. Her clit is one of wonders of the world. It is almost big enough to be a cock in its own right and Barbara loves me to suck and bite it. You can only imagine what it does to Barbara. As my dick was being sucked and bitten I drove my face into Barbara’s waiting pussy. ’Dive, dive, dive,’ I thought as I ground into her cunt. My tongue was deeper than it ever was before. My tongue is pretty long and by now it was far into Barbara’s vagina. I could taste all those great juices as she began to flow into my mouth. My tongue stroked everything it could reach with its wet slippery touch and Barbara ground her pussy harder and harder into my face. I soon would have to come up for air but I dove a little deeper just one more time and Barbara came and screamed, ’Fuck, oh fuck, that was the greatest yet!’

I hadn’t yet blown my nuts and Barbara said, ’Fuck me Dick, I need you /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock after that great head. I need to feel you inside me. I want to feel my pussy full of dick. Now, Dick, now,’ exclaimed Barbara.

Quickly I slid my throbbing erection into her soaking cunt. It was wonderful and warm and wet in there. We’d need no lubricant tonight. My dick slipped in and out and I heard Barbara scream, ’Faster you mother fucker. Drive that dick of yours into me as hard as you can. I want you to rip my cunt apart. I don’t want to be able to walk for a month!’

Harder and harder I drove on and on into that abyss called my wife’s cunt. Harder and harder she drove her pussy up against my dick. The tension was building and I could feel her cunt constricting around my driving dick. In a second she went off for a series or orgasms and at last I came into her waiting vagina. Barbara even in her height of orgasm reacted to my burst of cum and screamed in joy.

I had to wait for the next day when Sunny was in class to recover the video we had surreptitiously made. There was limited light in the Sunny’s room and there was no control over how many lights Sunny left on, but that Sony of mine doesn’t need much light.

Running up stairs I went to Barbara and my bedroom and connected the video to the VCR to record it and play the results. Barbara by this time sat down on the bed to view the video from the same place where we had watched many hard core pornography. Funny Barbara usually got more turned on by listening than watching.

As the tape opened Sunny and Mason were sitting on the bed watching TV. She had on a red lace nitie and Mason was bare chested only in pajama bottoms.

Our first surprise was that Sunny’s panties were crotch less and a nice white vibrator was inserted into her hairless pussy. Sunny was slowly jerking herself off watching Mason as he watched the TV.

Sunny giggled and slipped to the floor beside Mason leaving the vibrating dildo in bokep sma pecah perawan her pussy. ’How do you like you little outfit from Frederick’s and you little buzzing friend, Sunny?’ Mason asked with a twinkle in his eye.

’I love my toy and my nitie but I love your big Mister Ed even better,’ giggled Sunny. ’Can I play with Mister Ed and let him out of his barn, Mason,’ Sunny pleaded.

’Don’t hurt yourself, Sunny. Mister Ed is really horny tonight!’

With that instruction Sunny reached over and released from the fly in Mason’s pajama pants the second big surprise of the night. Mister Ed was a ten-inch cock with a big mushroom head on it that would gag the best of cocksuckers. Barbara gasped as she saw Mason’s delicious erection stand to attention. ’Would Mister Ed like Sunny to lick his big head, Mason?’ Sunny cooed.

Mason could only nod as Mister Ed began to bounce in anticipation as Sunny began to stroke him with her little hand. Then Sunny began to nibble and lick Mister Ed’s big head, which seemed to be getting bigger and redder. ’Suck that cock, you teasing bitch,’ said an aroused Barbara under her breath as she was already stroking my cock as I lay beside her.

Sunny finally managed to get Mister Ed’s head all the way into her mouth and it was obvious that her small mouth unlike Barbara’s mouth probably couldn’t handle much more. But she made a valiant effort and was soon bobbing up and down on Mister Ed as best she could.

’Wait, Sunny, Mister Ed wants to go into your barn for a while.’

’Oh, Mason, lover man, put Mister Ed into my barn,’ squealed Sunny in delight and immediately had her ass in the air as she leaned over the edge of the bed waiting for Mister Ed to gallop into her barn.

Mason wasn’t one for preliminaries and Mister Ed plunged into Sunny’s cunt of a barn in a second. Sunny gave a little scream and Dick thought that Mister Ed had hurt Sunny. It was soon clear that Sunny was used to Mister Ed’s abrupt entries and was soon slamming her pussy back against Mason’s groin. ’Fuck me, Mister Ed! Give me that big horse cock of yours. I need to be fucked now, you cock sucker!’ our sweet little Sunny screamed.

’You little whore, I’ll give you all you can handle. Is this as good as those cocks that you got working in your old man’s bar?’

’There was never a cock like Mister Ed you fucker. I love your fucking cock. /fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-harder/">fuck me harder you mother fucker, harder!’

’My God he’s fucking her brains out!’ Said my wife as she was riding my cock on the bed. Barbara did always prefer to be on top and in charge. ’Look at Mister Ed! I’d love to suck that cock myself!’