BeatriceHot and Heavy

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BeatriceHot and Heavy

Beatrice, hot and heavy

Stan found himself alone in the elevator with this hot , heavy /pregnant/">pregnant babe from the accounting section ,Beatrice.
Now, Stan was married, but the last three months he felt rather neglected. Joyce, his wife, had been a juicy young girl when they married , and Stan loved her and was really hot on her. But after the birth of their son she has taken to fitness program fad. She spent more time at the fitness club than at home, Stan felt. Now Stan was very open minded about that-after all , if she feels that she would like to be slim and muscular , it was her call , even if Stan liked buxom girls.. The dieting was even worse. Every few months Stan?s wife would go on a diet spree and the worst part about it was that while on diet she was very short tempered and bitchy-well, actually that?s no wonder, how would you feel if were hungry all day long? ? and sex? Well he could forget about that. And this time she was on diet for three months?

Beatrice was a young and buxom ,naa you may say /fat/">fat, woman ,about 25 years old. She was fat indeed, but had most beautiful blue eyes set in an oval lovely face framed with a raven black hair. She had a juicy buttocks and an ample bosom, , and Stan had felt many times an urge to grab those glorious tits, to feel their weight in his hands , to let his fingers sink in these luxurious fatty globes? And now , that she was heavy with child she was even tastier, even more sexy! 

She has dropped a sheaf of papers, and Stan was awakened abruptly from his daydreaming. Picking up the papers from the floor and he couldn?t help sniffing her heavy scent, a mixture of some luxurious fragrance and a pronounced smell of a pussy. Definitely a pussy in heat!

Beatrice thanked him profusely . Come on, it?s nothing he said , who would let a pregnant woman to bend down ? You would wonder , she answered. She complained that she felt that people had been shunning her since she was pregnant. Impossible , he said, such a beautiful woman? While they exchanged pleasantries for a few minutes Stan felt intrigued. She was definitely giving him signs of attraction! She was touching her hair? licking her lips straightening her blouse-tightening it on her /tits/huge-tits/">huge tits , his dick was also standing attention? making a sizable tent in his trousers. Oh, I hope she hadn?t noticed , thought Stan. I hope she did! whispered his naughty part in his ear. After a few minutes they went their separate ways, and Stan returned to the planning department rather aroused and shaky.

Beatrice was also agitated . And wet . ?Like, you only talk with a man for five minutes and you wet your pants like some teenager! ? she scolded herself .? I?ll tell you why,? she answered ,? because you are horny as a bitch in heat , that?s why!? And for a good reason too, she thought. I can?t remember the last time that I had sex.. ?A fat chance you have? , she thought. Fat indeed.? I look like a stranded whale, who would have me?? 

?But he said that I was beautiful? she countered . ?Yes he was polite,and here I think that he would jump into the bed with me! ?
All that afternoon Beatrice and Stan were arguing with themselves hoping, despairing again and yet.. The have both decided to take a chance to meet on the way out , to the parking lot, so they both stayed and watched the lobby waiting for the other to appear. When at last they despaired and went out , they met at the gate, quite alone, with all the other workers gone. 

Beatrice took the first move . With a trembling voice she said : ?My, I?m hot!? Well aware of the double meaning. Stan responded gladly: ? Yes , I can well understand that. With your sexy figure , you must be hot as a bomb? 

?Come on , don?t mock me,? pleaded Beatrice .? All my coworkers shun me because I look like a whale, and in this heat I really feel as a stranded whale .? 
?No, I mean it .I?m sure you are only imagining it . Nobody would shun such a beautiful and sexy woman.? dared Stan. 

?Sexy indeed,? responded Beatrice,? even my husband won?t stand me. He said that I look like a bloated cow!? Real tears of offence ran down her cheeks when she recalled that insult.? He said that he wouldn?t touch me with a ten feet pole ? she wailed.

?What a fool!? said Stan, comforting her, hugging her shoulders and patting her hair. ?I wouldn?t be able to keep my hands off you? 
Deftly he maneuvered her to his convertible . On entering and sitting down ,Beatrice couldn?t help noticing and brushing against the bulge in Stan?s trousers. She gasped . Oh, how she longed to hold a cock in her hand! Her breast heaved with short and deep breath, and Stan went off his rocker. He sent his hand to her tits opening her blouse and stammered: ? I can?t help it . I must put my hands on them!? slipping his hand below her bra releasing a huge heavy breast from it?s confine.
? Ohhh , yes,? she whispered, her hand in his crotch, opening his fly and releasing his pole , caressing it squeezing, pinching , ? Oh , how long since I held a dick in my hand . How hot it is.. How firm and velvety ..Oh I must .. I can?t... Ohh!!? And with this she bent down swallowing the long pole , licking and sucking ,rolling his balls gently in her hand .

Stan meanwhile was fondling her heavy teat. It was heavy but surprisingly firm and springy . His fingers sank into the warm flash and he kneaded the globe gently, feeling the nipple hardening. He tweaked it , rolling it gently between his fingers. Beatrice moaned muffled moans , her mouth full with his cock, and started to heave her pelvis pumping his dick with her hand . Stan wanted so much to stick his fingers in her cunt.. But all he could reach ,was her back. He opened her bra ,releasing the twin mound which landed in his crotch. His dick warm and wet, his balls comfortable and warm he felt his balls full and going to blow. A few moments more and he felt the spunk rising in his stem. ? I?m going to come, ? he warned her .

?Oh, yes , please do!? she said looking up to him-and he did! The first wad has landed on her face, and her tits ,a long stream of white semen. Hurrying she lowered her head catching and swallowing his next wads, licking his cock dry, savoring the taste.

After a short while catching their breath ,Stan blurted out ? I want to fuck you! ?
? Yes, oh yes. ? she responded ? I want it too? and she started to undress.?
? Not here , in the parking lot!? Stan said . ?We will certainly attract attention here . Come, I know of a secluded place.. ?

Stan drove towards the town. In midway between the headquarters and the town there was a lovers? lane in a coop on the shore of the lake. Luckily for them ,the traffic was very sparse, because Stan just couldn?t concentrate on the road. Beatrice leaned her head on his shoulder , and her ample ,half clad breast .. Huge white mounds , decorated with veins, fine blue rivulets on the silken white background. white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie On the top , each of them was crown by a most appetizing pink nipple, swollen by lust and by the pregnancy. He couldn?t take his eyes of them. The car swayed on the road when he sent his hand and lightly caressed them. They heaved , and one tit fitted itself snugly into his palm. Beatrice quietly moaned. Stan stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv fondled the heavy tit , squeezing it lightly, enjoying the soft yet supple feeling., and rolled the hardening nipple , which grew perceptively between his fingers. Beatrice moaned deeply and settled down in her seat, spreading her thighs wide open and pulled his hand off the tit down to her lap. He slid his hand into her pants , feeling the intense heat of her cunt?s wet furnace. Beatrice responded , heaving her pelvis against him rotating it ,groaning . He squeezed the lips of her cunt rubbed them and gently slid his finger between them ,to touch the swollen clit. It was as if he has hit an electric switch . Beatrice screamed : ?Oh Yes!!!? pushed her pubis forward, and started pumping strongly her pelvis on his hand .? Oh, yees! Please, Oh ! OH .. MY.. GOD ? ? she screamed , moaned ,clutching his hand strongly as if she wanted to pull it entirely into her cunt. Luckily they went off the main road by now. Beatrice continued fucking his fingers, moaning , screaming, her breast heaving like a storm in sea. Her hand now has left his and she clutched his thigh , digging her fingernails into his flesh . Her heaves became abrupt , stormy and strong and she felt as if she was leaving the car, raising, flying to the sky . She crashed down with a most intense orgasm.