Hello again

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Hello again

She knew he shouldn?t be there, especially in the middle of the day, his car parked in the driveway for everyone to see. What if one of the nosey neighbors made a comment to her husband? That would end this little game for sure. 

But at this moment, answering the door she didn?t care. Just looking at him she could feel herself getting wet and knew that without any panties, he could easily reach his hand up her tiny skirt and feel it too. 

It had been weeks since she had seen him last and it was a tease for both of them, sitting across the room from each other, giving each other a glance, both knowing what the other was thinking. They had only spoken briefly and exchanged a few naughty emails and the sexxxx video ful hd tension was getting to both of them. She knew he was hard even before he walked in and she wanted him inside her immediately.

He stood just inside the door on the cold tile floor and closed it behind him, pulling her into an embrace with his free arm. His scent was enough to make her cum just standing there and she knew it wouldn?t take much. She could feel his /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock pressing against his pants while he kissed her. She wanted to pull it out and have him take her right there, she knew he could and she knew he had done it before.

Just kissing him made her want him so badly. She always got flash backs when she kissed him. Something about the way he touched her, he was a great vivid memory when she was horny and taking care of things herself. Usually horny because she had spoken to him, or he told her how hard he was when he was emailing from work. He had a beautiful rock hard body, she knew he was a few years older then her but couldnt remember exactly and it didnt really matter. He had a beautiful cock too, and she was pretty sure he knew it. She had told him before that she liked looking at it and sucking it. Of course he knew!!

He asked how she was in between kisses as they moved into the living room. The conversation was always quick like this, questions between kisses. Nothing too personal, this wasn?t an emotional thing. This was a physical thing and they both knew it. He pushed her against the wall in the living room and slid his hand under her skirt; stopped kissing her for a second to give her that knowing glance when he realized she wasn?t wearing any panties, and she was very wet. He continued kissing her and moving down her neck and to her perky breasts, sucky and biting her nipples while he slid his fingers along her swollen lips. Pushing his index finger in just enough for her to inhale quickly and then rolling her clit between his fingers, he knew she wanted it now and wanted it /bad/">bad.

She reached down tangled up in his arms to unbutton his pants, sliding his zipper down and finding his hard cock behind his boxers. She loved that he wore boxers and that he was always hard when she saw him. She purposely bought short skirts when she knew she would see him, and knew that he took notice. His cock was pulsing when she wrapped her fingers around it. It was hard to concentrate when he was fingering her clit, she was wet and horny when he got there, but this was insane! She did her best xxx sex video download free com not to dig her fingernails into him when she came, but it was impossible not to let out the moan she had been holding in, she suprised herself that she had cum so quickly. Taking only a minute or two, she knew that he wasn?t anywhere near finished with her yet, and she was thrilled.

She pushed his pants and boxers down so his cock was readily available for her. He didn?t bother removing her skirt, there was no point. Lifting her left leg and balancing her against himself he slid his hard cock into her already dripping pussy. She nearly screamed, half from excitement and half from anticipation. She always loved the /first-time/">first time he was inside of her. She occasionally played with herself just with that thought and had the best orgasms. He was definitely the thing of her dreams, wet dreams! 

He pushed himself deep into her pressing his body against hers, kissing her hard. She pushed him back and pulled his shirt off, almost ripping it, wanting his skin touching hers. Sex with him was never gentle, never emotional. That wasn?t what either of them was looking for. They knew what they wanted and took it. And right now he was taking her just the way she liked it. Deep, hard and long strokes, he always whispered in her ear how badly he wanted her, and how hard she made him. This made both of them want it so much more. She knew that she was going to cum again and that he was probably close, the first time after a long time was always quick, but it never stopped there. She pushed him back and stood back on both /feet/">feet again, kissing him quickly, biting his lip and grabbing his wet cock in her hand, pulling him behind her up the stairs. Now the fun would start.

She liked that when he followed her up the stairs he could see her /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy, and he made a point of reaching out to touch her again before they got to the top. She moved quickly and into the bedroom, removing her tiny skirt and cut off tank top before turning around to remove his pants. She loved sucking his cock, and just looking at it standing at attention was an invitation to do so. She was already down there why not?!

She wanted him to look down at her while she sucked his cock. She knew it was something he enjoyed and something she was damned good at. She always liked to begin with a bit of a tease, licking from the head all the way down to the base of his shaft, then back up the other side, then all the way around his head again, only to quickly take it all into her mouth; and slowly swirl her tongue around while she brought it back out. Only to tease the head again and quickly take it into her mouth again, then back out. After a few times of this, his head was tilted back and his eyes had rolled into his head, his fingered tangled in her long dark hair. She took him into her mouth again all the way to the base, moving her tongue against him in all the places that she knew would make him moan. Then almost all the way out again and back in quickly. She loved doing that and the reaction she got. It was always appreciated by the recipient and generally the favor was returned later. Before she even had a chance to do it again he was pulling her up toward him and moving her over to the bed. He kissed her quickly and laid her down. She lifted her legs up and set her feet on the edge of the bed, stretching her arms out above her, she knew what was coming next as he kneeled down watching her reaction. 

He had barely touched her lips with his tongue when she inhaled quickly; he liked hearing her respond to him. It was one hell of a turn on. He flicked her clit with his tongue and she moaned this time, so he did it again, then sucked on it. He grabbed the back of her thighs and pulled her toward him more, then started teasing her with his fingers while he licked and sucked on her clit. He pushed one finger inside of her and then two. Then pulled them out to taste her, he knew she came when he was fingering her downstairs and wanted to taste her now, before she came again. He inserted his fingers again and could taste her on his lips as he continued sucking on her clit. He could feel her hands moving down to his head pushing him into her /pussy/hot-pussy/">hot pussy. She could only handle so much of this before she begged for his cock inside of her again and he knew it. It wasn?t long before she was pulling at him and moaning that she wanted him NOW!

He teased her a few more times, fingering her a bit more and flicking her clit with his tongue before he came up to meet her lips with his. He loved kissing her, she had beautiful full lips on a face that he couldn?t keep his eyes off of. He liked how her dark hair offset her seemingly year around tan, which incidentally went all the way down her long sculptured legs to her always perfectly painted toes. They were hot pink this time; he couldn?t help but smile when he thought of her. But now, he just wanted to be inside of her. He liked being inside of her too. It didn?t matter how his day was going before he saw her, nothing mattered when he was with her.

He kissed her a few more times and whispered to her how badly he wanted to fuck her, she responded with ?so what?s the hold up?? he liked that about her too, she always said what she meant. He could never resist her and guided his still hard cock into her. She was so wet and tight that he almost came immediately. Sliding all the way into her and staying there for a moment, until she pushed her hips against him to tell him not to stop. He slid back out and teased her with the head of his dick. He knew she would wrap her legs around him and pull him to her, he liked when she did it so he teased her more. 

She was getting tired of being teased and wanted him to fuck her already. She knew how it felt with him deep inside of her, and her husband didn?t fuck her like this. She wanted him inside of her and she wanted him NOW! Wrapping her legs around him, first the left one then the right, she pulled him close to her and deep inside of her then loosened her legs up only to pull him close again, he took the initiative after the first few times and grabbed her legs from behind him, lifting them up and resting her ankles on his shoulders. He knew how she liked it and wanted her to enjoy every minute.

Grabbing the front of her thighs he pulled her roughly toward him, slamming his cock into her, listening to her breathing and moaning and calling his name. He continued as she arched her back and told him that she was about to cum; she wanted him to fuck her harder and faster. But he knew that he wouldnt last long at that pace so he pulled out and teased her a bit more with his tongue and fingers, tasting her as he dipped his tongue into her, damn she was wet and he wanted to fuck her badly. He motioned for her to stand up and kissed her while she stroked his still very hard cock. He grabbed her hips and turned her around putting his hand on her hips and guiding his dick into her until his ball touched her skin, then slid back out slowly, he knew he was damn closed to coming and wanted to hold off for a little while longer, he kept his strokes long and slow but knew shewouldnt tolerate that for very long, she was already pushing back hard against him trying to start a rythem of her own. 

He would barely control himself and could never control her so he kept up with her, slamming his dick into her as she moaned and cried out for more, telling him she was cumming; he knew he was close and couldn?t help himself as he pushed hard into her as he came. He could feel her pulsing around him and came harder. They stood like that for a few minutes before she layed down on the bed on her back, her beautiful breasts and wet pussy staring up at him. He leaned down and kissed her; nicer this time. He liked kissing her and fucking her, it wasn?t making love and they both knew it. He liked looking at her and liked the way she smelled and he liked that she knew what this was, and that she never got emotionally attached, he especially like how she looked laying there looking up at him, her eyes begging for more.